Introducing iFormPro

iForm Pro offers powerful, fast and easy to use forms for iPad and Android tablets. Paper free, no scanning, no admin and all in real-time!

The solution is cost effective and forms can be automated in a matter of days and will return 100% accurate forms from field-based staff in just 15 seconds transforming your service levels. This will remove all form postage / return to base costs and all paper scanning / data entry costs that are normally associated with paper forms.

Why use iFormPro?

Any organisation that employs a mobile workforce is looking for two things; cost effectiveness and remote access to real-time information. As a mobile working specialist, we offer our customers the latest mobile applications to ensure staff and customers enjoy a high quality standard of service.

Our team has the skills and expertise to deliver a service that is second to none, providing a scalable mobile working solution that enables you to link up your departments with ease and deliver an efficient cost effective service to your customers.







What is iForm Pro?

What does iForm Pro do?

Simple to Use

Intuitive interface using familiar tablet data entry tools.


Take photo’s, write  or draw on them and send them with your forms.


Uses 256 – K bit SSL Encryption which is totally secure and used by the majority of banks.

Voice Memos

Record messages and send them with your form.

Offline Mode

Work at full speed on or offline.

Location Capture

Capture the exact GPS position of where a form was completed and plot this on mapping tools such as Google™ Maps.


All forms are processed in under 15 seconds once submitted.


Draw sketches and plans.

Cost Effective

One off set up fee and affordable monthly subscription.

Write, Type or Talk

Use a stylus or your finger to hand write or key your information onto your forms or dictate using the voice recognition option.

Planet Friendly

Paper free giving your company green status as well as saving money.

Pre filled forms

Pre fill key information into your forms from your systems and send these to mobile workers.


Professional bespoke forms using your brand.

Share forms

Pass part completed forms between different teams.

Draft forms

Complete forms over any number of visits or mobile teams.

Form validation

Set key fields to mandatory and iForm Pro will automatically prompt to complete prior to submission of forms.

Form calculator

Build in automatic calculations into your forms.

Payment Processing

Process card payments on the move.

Key Benefits of iFormPro


  • Handwritten, speech recognition and keyboard data entry
  • All forms returned in real-time
  • Remove the cost of printing, postage, data entry and scanning
  • Planet friendly paperless solution
  • Pre-populate forms and send direct to your mobile workers
  • Attach photos, voice memo’s and hand drawn pictures to form
  • Transform the way in which their workforce communicates, both internally and externally
  • Increase efficiency by creating an open and accessible source to share information across different departments
  • Maximise staff productivity by enabling remote access to information stored at the office
  • Achieve significant cost savings by reducing the administrative costs involved with printing and physical storage

Generate, complete & submit iForms directly from our Client Connect app