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HSP can transform your Trust

Housing trusts are challenged with having to increase their levels of customer interaction to ensure that rent and other payments are collected efficiently and that tenants’ needs are met.

Channel shift to paperless working methods enables housing trusts to move communication, engagement and transactions to more efficient lower cost digital channels and use under pressure resources more productively.

Built with Housing Trusts in mind, our Housing Support Pro solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs; from new tenant sign ups to notifications regarding arrears and ASBO status.

What HSP offers

Support trusts across the full scope of their operations including workforce management, information capture, payment collection and data and performance analysis
Support mobile workers by providing remote access to information held in the back office
Monitor trust performance from multiple perspectives including tenant, property and services
We also provide a physical document management service that allows you to track and trace where files are stored both off-site and within the organisation
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Housing Support Pro is now available to buy via a FRAMEWORK agreement

Open to all social Housing Providers in the UK
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