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Store 360 benefits to the management team

  • Management dashboard and store directory
  • Real-time performance information
  • Access service forms online
  • Arms-length mentoring
  • Reduced store visits and travel
  • Complete peace of mind

Store 360 benefits to the store team

  • Dynamic store operations planner
  • Easy to use pre-populated forms
  • Activity monitoring of people, performance and compliance (incl. alerts)
  • Real-time tasks, forms and information management
  • Guided store operations with 100% compliance
“We were impressed with Centre 360 from the start and couldn’t believe how quickly the team delivered the solution configured to our needs.”
Jeanette Coltman, Squires
“Staff response to the solution has been fantastic”
Andy Blunt, Squires
“Centre based staff love the simplicity of the App and the pre-populated forms has meant that staff complete compliance paper work more quickly.”
Andy Blunt, Squires