The Store 360 Solution

Say goodbye to paperwork, messy spreadsheets, time consuming forms and tasks.

Everything you need in one integrated platform

The Store 360™ 7 day Planner is a ground breaking simple 7-day view of the activities scheduled within store. For the first time you have complete visibility of all of those core tasks that need to be actioned and have complete piece of mind that everything is done on time and in line with expectations. iForms, tasks and information prompts make store operations efficient, safe, legal and allows for focused efforts on those important things like sales and the customer experience.

Store and managerial staff can quickly review whether activities have been completed from safe & legal to sales and waste improvement using the colour-coded activity codes. All of which is supported by our powerful workflow that informs staff through text or email if things don’t get done.



Real-time reporting for a dynamic operation

Store 360 offers powerful, fast, easy to use pre-populated forms for mobile users, currently developed to work on the Apple iOS platform. Making you paper free, with no printing, scanning or copying.

We reduced admin that supports old paper routines and tasks so you can focus on the real business priorities.

All forms are completed in real-time allow for photo attachment and annotation, date and time stamping with a GPS location status. In addition you have the options to type, write or dictate information into the forms, all of which gives you real-time information at your finger tips any time anywhere.


Real-time reporting for a dynamic operation

All store activities are now visible in real-time at every level, at the store, at the area and regional managers and of course HQ. Store 360 shines a light on all of those key tasks and actions, changing behaviors and ensuring piece 100% operational piece of mind. With very little set-up the store 360 app allows you to see at a glance who is performing and who is not.

Setting up leaderboards and quick store watch list are easy and effective, allowing you focus on growing your business.

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Engage with your team quickly and effectively….

The Store 360 comms centre allows you to send SMS and email messages from within the activity planner or the app, allowing you to dynamically engage with your store staff any time, in an easy and effective way. You can use pre-populated templates or send your custom messages at the click of a button. Store 360 gives you unlimited collaboration with your team, empowering, mentoring and guiding them to perform.

React, respond and deliver….

One place, one click information…

Store 360 provides all of the information you need about your store in one location whether it’s the operational performance metrics, daily sales, wastage or other key statistics you have the answer in the palm of your hand. Retailers see Store 360 as the core presentation tool to deliver information to the operational teams.

Connect to you POS, Business intelligence, HR or any other data source, we will present it in a format that works for you.

Actionable reporting allows you to make decisions and change behaviors dynamically….

Powerful possibilities…

Store 360 workflow is a simple workflow engine that connects tasks and time together and automates the things you do. Auto alerts can be set through SMS and email if things do not get done or on time. Task and time tracking is now easy making sure that you have your finger on the pulse of your store operation. Store 360 shines a light on all of those core task that need to get done.

Organised, informed and dynamic….